"A dog makes a house a home" series (2017)

Artist Statement:

In this series of drawings I've depicted four dogs who represent the four homes of my family. Each dog belongs to a small family who treats them friendly enough to give them freedom to curl up on couches and beds that are not their own. Dogs are such soft, lovable and forgiving creatures and that is how families should be. My family is my comfort zone. I know I can visit any of them in their homes and I will essentially feel like one of these dogs.


Each of the drawings features a different dog placed into a small environment loaded with blankets, pillows and other soft items. All of the drawings show a unique house that is adorned with patterns and places to recline and rest. I intend for the viewer to feel like they could just crawl into one of these drawings and cuddle up with a puppy. The textured grey paper used is meant to promote a relaxing viewing experience and help create the texture of the fabrics and fur. Each of these dogs are in comfy environments to convey the comfort that my family gives me.

A dog makes a house a home.