About the artist:

Armida Kielty is an oil painter with her Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from Arizona State University.
Currently based in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, this city's iconic sunrises and sunsets inspire the bright, vivid colors of her paintings.

Armida specializes in unique cityscape/cloudscape combinations of local urban locations with a focus on the common comfort of car travel.

She captures the cathartic feeling of learning to find the comfort in her own ‘backyard’ while also secretly battling the longing of wanderlust. 
With each new piece Armida creates, she studies and interprets the positive purpose of urban desert living. 

Mood Room Gallery, Park Central, Phoenix AZ

2020 Salon 48 Exhibition

"Glowing Camelback" (2019) oil on canvas

artist statement:

The sun and all that it touches is an enemy to life. Only the few moments when she is coming and leaving creates such a visual beauty. These daily gifts, sunrises and sunsets, are Arizona’s apology for the deathly heat that the sun brings each day.

Painting local views of Phoenix, Arizona’s urban city hub forces me to visually study and explain the purpose of desert living. Cityscape/ cloudscape painting is my therapeutic coping for choosing this inhabitable city as my home. 

Even the most average of city views can be elevated to new heights just by the colorful glow of the sun peeking out from under the horizon. My work elevates the Arizona landscape to new heights in a loving, romantic way. As I progress through each painting, I am learning to love Arizona.

self with olivia painting.png

Harry Wood Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe AZ

2018- 2019 Winter Juried Exhibition

"Olivia" oil on canvas, 2018


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Gallery 100, Arizona State University, Tempe AZ

EIGHT: A BFA painting Exhibition 2018

"My Blood" oil painting portrait series (2018)